CD production

Covering the whole process from tracking your songs, editing, mixing to mastering you entire album. Experience in this field has showed that we keep our standard to bring a competitive and professional product.

editing, mixing

You recorded the material and wish to get it through a mixer engineer and take advantage of the editing and mixing facilities of Nadanadi studio. With a comprehensive amount of audio tools along with a really effective and accurate editing knowledge. the sound of your mix definitely benefit going through our high quality UA plugins.


The last step is missing, you can polish your mix at Nadanadi studio, and make sure that your songs will sound good on any medium it is played on.


you can come with a track and we do all the arrangements for you, and we also can find the musicians to record the arrangements if needed.

field recording

Recently coming back from shooting a docu-mentary about music from Berlin to Iran.

We have the outdoor recording equipment and know how for any situation.

Regardless if these are speech recordings, atmos or music recordings.

live recording

You want a professional multitrack recording of your concert, we have different options for any given budget, from field recording options to different audio interfaces.

We also can bring the studio to your gig, if you wish the best sounding audio recording with studio quality.


video production

In collaboration with the filmmaker and cutter Stephan Talneau

we offer a wide range of video production.

We are specialised in music video production like concert videos, outdoor live video or videoclips for your studio recordings.


Generally we charge 300€ + Tax for a day at the studio. 

In a recording situation, it means something between 8h and 10h.


Mastering is charged 35€ per song


For a better estimation of the cost for a production, we need more informations about the project.

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