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sound is the key to the soul

NADANADI is a combination of two Words Nada (Sanskrit) sound, tone, vibration: Metaphysically, the mystic sounds of the eternal, the first vibration from which creation emanates. Nada also refers to other psychic sounds heard during deep meditatin. Most commonly, Nada refers to ordinary sound. And the word Nadi (sanskrit) literally "river", here in the sense "tube, pipe" are the channels through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, the energies of the subtle body are said to flow. They connect at special points of intensity called chakras. These are experienced by the meditator as the nadanadi shakti, "the energy current of sound," heard pulsing through the nerve system as a constant high-pitched hum.

My approach to Sound Engineering goes back to the time where I decided to dive into the world of sound years ago. I always found myself good as a  mediator between people. Having a huge sense of empathy, it allows to grasp the essence of the word and all what can be hidden behind it, to truly express the meaning of the word. This is with this idea that I started to learn Sound Engineering in London. The Sound Engineer's job is to catch the meaning of the music expressed by the artists and take it the ears of the listener, and in this sense I thought it would be the best thing to do for me. Watching back at years of experience I can say it was a good decision, doing this job with passion, accuracy and refinement.

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