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In cooperation with Syncopation Society, Nadanadi Studio will bring regular live streams offering the opportunity for bands to carry on playing their music in the hard time we are facing. Then for those who are not financially affected you can donate here for the band, as you would do it on a concert night.

All the money collected goes to the band, it is organised by musicians for musicians.

Enjoy the music, take care of yourself and the others.

Studio Session I the big five

livestream I The Ragtime department

"Anton and Bardi from the Ragtime Department" Ragtime and Novelty tunes.

You can place your donation with the button below.

Please always choose the band's name on Paypal.

livestream I The ragtime nightmare

For the Ragtime Nightmare you can place your donation on the link below,

it all goes to the musicians.

Please always choose the band's name on Paypal.

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